HOPE has proven to lead to better outcomes for individuals with challenging behaviors. Yet we must also provide effective strategies to make good on that hope!"

– Jed Baker, Ph.D.

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Social Skills Training Project

We utilize a primarily cognitive-behavioral approach to address social, emotional and behavioral challenges for children and adults.

We see all individuals including those who may present as neuro-diverse, including those with ASD, ADHD, anxiety and other issues associated with social-emotional-behavioral differences.

Our Services

We offer individual, family, and group counseling along with consultation to schools and other organizations. We utilize an evidence based cognitive behavioral approach as outlined in Dr. Baker’s books on challenging behaviors and social skills training.

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Principal goals that guide our services:


To provide a client-centered approach that respects our client’s view of difficult situations and their preferred solutions.


To advocate for our clients to receive necessary modifications and accommodations to their environment.


To provide relevant social skill instruction that help clients reach their own goals and generalize into daily routines.


To make socializing fun so that students want to interact.


To help neuro-typical peers and professionals become more understanding, accepting, and engaging of those with social differences.

Our Therapists

We have several therapists who work under the auspices of SSTP and three locations: Springfield, Madison and Westfield, New Jersey. We also work remotely for those who cannot make it into our offices.

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