Workshops & Events

Live and Recorded Seminars

Dr. Baker provides numerous conference presentations throughout the United States and abroad.

Many provide continuing education credits for professionals.

Workshops typically cover:
  • Predictors of successful outcomes,
  • Strategies to de-escalate meltdowns in the moment,
  • Ways to create prevention plans for the 7 most common triggers to challenging behaviors,
  • Key components of social skills training including identifying goals, teaching strategies, establishing motivation, insuring generalization, creating accepting peer groups, and measuring progress.

Pre-recorded Seminars:

• MedBridge:

Jed Baker's Continuing Education Courses

• Pesi:

No More Autism Meltdowns: Strategies to Deescalate Meltdowns and Reduce Anxiety

• Preparing for Life: Managing Challenging Behaviors, Anxiety and Effective Social Skills Training (3 hr.)

• No More Meltdowns: Positive Ways to Manage Out of Control Emotions (1 hr.)

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