Behavioral Intervention Plans

Behavioral Intervention Plans

"Children need the most love when they seem to deserve it the least."

— Rick Lavoie

We can provide an assessment of problem behaviors to help understand why the behaviors occur. This is sometimes known as a "Functional Behavioral Assessment." The assessment may involve observation, interview, review of behavior diaries, and filling out questionnaires. Based on the information we will put together a behavior plan that may involve:

  • Modifications to triggers and/or the demands placed on the student
  • Skills training to provide alternatives to inappropriate behaviors
  • Cueing and/or rewarding new skills
"Traditional discipline may be fine for kids who are well regulated and logical, but punishments often escalate the problem for the Incredible Hulk!"

— Jed Baker

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  • Social Skill Need Assessment

  • Behavior Problem Assessment

  • Diagnostic Evaluations

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Social Skills Training

  • Individual

  • Group

  • Individual/Family Counseling

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School Services

  • In-service Trainings

  • Social and Behavioral Support Model

  • Behavior Plan Development

  • Peer Sensitivity Training

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